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As much as we can help with the position of the baby with using moxibustion and needles, there is lots that the woman can do herself. There is lots of valuable information on http://spinningbabies.blogspot.co.uk/

November 14, 2016

Blood deficiency:

In Chinese Medicine Blood has a nourishing and moistening function. It is derived mostly from food Qi produced by the Spleen. Blood deficiency is one of the most common patterns seen in women. There is a distinction between Liver Blood deficiency (cram...

That is a conclusion of the study run by Beverley de Valois, PhD, LicAc, FBAcC, that is downloadable from http://fulltext.study/article/2628725/Ear-acupuncture-for-hot-flushes%E2%80%94The-perceptions-of-women-with-breast-cancer

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