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Acupuncture therapy using a laser.

Laser Acupuncture is a gentle and effective alternative to traditional acupuncture and as such is particularly well suited for use on the young, elderly or simpy nervous. 

Kate applies exactly the same principles and laws as Traditional Acupuncture, pulse and tongue diagnosis are taken, acupuncture points are carefully chosen but instead of needles laser is being used, which has some positive advantages, being:

  • Aseptic

  • Non-invasive

  • Painless and with

  • No reported side-effects

How does it work?

Low level cold laser is pain free, it works from the infra red spectrum. It penetrates up to 3cm into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body. Once the treatment site is targeted the laser light stimulates the mitrichondria of the cell (cell body) within muscles, tendons or ligaments causing them to oxidize and duplicate accelerating the cell division and increasing healing at twice the normal rate.

Low level lasers are not like the higher energy medical devices used to remove tattoos or cauterize wounds, that can cause significant tissue heating. Low level lasers are safe since the amount of laser energy delivered over time is high enough to give a biostimulatory effect, yet low enough that heating of tissues cannot occur.

What does the treatment involve?

After diagnosing a patient and deciding wich points would be the most suitable, each point is then stimulated with a laser pen for around 20 seconds. We're talking seconds in comparison to needle retention time, which may be 20 to 30 minutes. Usually patients feel virtually nothing during the session because the pure wavelengths of the lasers create no heat or friction. The treatment is very safe and non-invasive.

Is Laser Acupuncture for me?

Laser Acupuncture is good for many of the same conditions as traditional acupuncture, though there are still some situations in which a needle is very much the recommended method.

But if you or your children would prefer a needle-free option, please let the Kate know and we can discuss a course of treatment. The range of disorders that can respond to Laser Acupuncture are immense, from migraines to arthritis, from addictions to menopausal issues. All our acupuncture patients will be given oriental diagnostics before any treatment begins.

Research into Laser treatment

Please find information on Laser research for specific illnesses:

- Laser acupuncture in children with headache

Dr. Sven Gottschling from the University Children’s Hospital, Saarland University, Hamburg, Germany and a group of other European medical researchers teamed up to investigate the efficacy of low level laser acupuncture therapy treating children with migraines or tension headaches. They compared an active laser treatment to a placebo laser treatment in 43 children. This was a controlled, high quality study with randomization and double-blinding.

The average number of headaches per month decreased significantly more in the real laser acupuncture group (decrease of 6.4 days) than in the placebo group (decrease of 1.0 day). Headache severity and monthly hours with headache significantly decreased as well for the real laser acupuncture group compared to the placebo treatment.

The researchers concluded that low level infrared laser acupuncture can provide a significant benefit for children with headache or migraines.

- Laser Acupuncture Therapy for Primary Monosymptomatic Nocturnal Enuresis

Laser acupuncture therapy, a noninvasive, painless, short-term therapy with a low cost, can be considered as an alternative therapy for patients with primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis.

- Therapeutic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of laser acupuncture on patients with rheumatoid arthritis

This study results confirmed the effectiveness of laser acupuncture in alleviating oxidative stress and inflammation, improving antioxidant and energy metabolic status, while also suppressing the disease activity in RA patients. Laser acupuncture is a promising treatment modality to reduce the pain and suffering of RA patients because of its efficiency in inhibiting most of the main factors involved in the pathogenesis of this disease.


I’ve had lots of acupuncture over many years. Some more effective than others. Kate Kotlarska left no stone unturned in finding out about my entire health, physical, mental and emotional. And she then set about working on the key issues whilst also giving me ideas to help with nutrition and lifestyle. The acupuncture itself was fantastic - I could feel it working deeply on me, giving my body the immediate rest it needed to begin healing. Feeling huge gratitude.

Toby P.

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