Pre-birth acupuncture

I have finished several CPD courses, including Debra Betts' on treating women during pregnancy. Debra stresses the importance of treating prior to labour in order to support physical changes that need to happen and help prepare mentally and emotionally for the birth.

I offer weekly acupuncture treatments from week 36/37 to promote a healthy and natural birth. Points are used according a woman's constitution and history of the pregnancy. These include points to soften the cervix, to help position the baby in the best presentation for labour and to promote optimal energy and stamina for a woman to enter into labour. Research carried out in New Zealand(1) into pre-birth acupuncture  has shown that it results in: fewer inductions, less need for epidurals, fewer emergency caesarians.

As a part of package I offer a teaching session for partners, to get them familiar with very useful acupressure points. I teach them how to find points and what they can do for the woman; it is a good way to involve partner into such an amazing transition.

1. Betts D, Lennox S. "Acupuncture for prebirth treatment: An observational study of its use in midwifery practice." Medical acupuncture 2006 May; 17(3):17-20

Acupuncture in Ealing
Natural Pain Relief during childbirth

Please find a copy of a leaflet prepared by a well known acupuncturist Deborah Betts NZ Reg. Nurse, Lic Acupuncture British College,Dip Ac, BHSc ( Acupuncture), for natural pain relief during childbirth.

I recommend it to my patients and also had used it personally and found the acupressure points very useful.

If you are interested in reading slightly more into it please visit Deborah's website