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COVID-19/ Coronavirus

My current Covid procedures in place:

There is numbers of research papers proving that Chinese Medicine supports the immune system, which is best defence against viral or bacterial infection. Keeping people healthy and well is what my clinic is all about, and I have always adhered to the highest standards of hygiene. Here are some ongoing hygiene standards, as well as, the new measures I have introduced to keep both of us safe and well:

1. I screen all patients for Covid-19 symptoms prior to their appointment. You will be sent a pre-screening
questionnaire , please fill them in as close to the appointment as possible. Failure to complete the questionnaire will result in your appointment being cancelled.

2. I would kindly ask that you come alone, where possible, so that we limit contact between people at the clinic.

3. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment as there is no waiting area available.  If you arrive early you may be asked to wait outside regardless of the weather conditions. Please note that if you are late for your appointment your treatment time will be reduced.

4.  On arrival I wilI ask  you if you would like to wear a mask, I have some spare but I would encourage you to bring your own if you prefer to wear one.

5. If possible I would ask you to wear comfortable, loose clothing will rollable trousers, but in some cases I would ask you to change into a gown. Those are freshly washed.

6. Soft furnishing in the clinic have been limited to ensure all items/surfaces can be disinfected between treatments.

7. I have increased cleaning of high contact areas such as door handles and chairs, taps, couch with disinfectant. The toilet will be available only in emergency situation.

8. I would wear a mask during consultation and treatment.

9. I always wash my hands with antibacterial soap before and after each contact with patient.

10. I allow up to  15 minutes between appointments to disinfect the treatment room and equipment between each patient, air the room and to limit contact between patients in the clinic.

11. If you have any cold or flu symptoms, have been in close contact with someone with symptoms. I kindly ask that you do not attend your appointment and give me as much notice as possible of your non-attendance. If you are at all concerned please contact me directly to discuss.

12. You
MUST tell me if you develop any Covid19 symptoms or test positive for Covid19 up to 48 hours after treatment. This is particularly important as I may see  ‘clinically vulnerable‘ and ‘extremely clinically vulnerable‘ in clinic.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your ongoing loyalty and support. Please stay safe and we hope to see you in the clinic soon.

Kate Kotlarska

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