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Holistic Massage

Due to recent recommendation to limit the time spent with patients in an enclosed space. There is no massage appointments offered at the moment.

​​The word holistic means the person as a whole. Holistic massage takes into account: physical symptoms, psychological, environmental and nutritional factors and the impact they can have on the body. It’s a massage that uses some Swedish massage techniques as well as deeper tissue massage, Thai yoga stretches, Acupressure and delicate lymphatic drainage movements.


People have Holistic massage for various reasons, it can be used alongside conventional medicine when living with a chronic condition or simply for relaxation. As everyone responds to massage in different ways and may want different outcomes, therefore, every treatment is tailored to suit your own specific needs.


Some of the positive effects of holistic massage

  • Relaxation of the body, relief from tired, sore, stiff muscles

  • Relaxation of the mind

  • Improved sleep, concentration

  • Increased clarity of thought & energy levels

  • Improved immunity function & circulation

  • Feelings of calm, well-being & balance


 As part of your first visit, I will ask you to fill in a detailed form about your health history, which allows me to build up a picture of you and your needs so that I can create the best possible session. It is advisable to think about what you want to gain from your treatment, this can be things such as reducing muscle tension, slowing a busy mind or stimulating your energy, etc. It would be easier to monitor your progress if we have a clear focus.


If you have a medical condition or take prescribed drugs it would be advisable checking with your doctor if holistic massage is suitable for you or you can sign an informed consent. I would recommend individuals that are currently suffering from a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting or those who have any contagious infection, such as athletes foot, verrucas and so on refrain from treatment until the condition has cleared.


I recommend having a full body massage in order to achieve full relaxation and enjoy the effects of massage.  In order to keep the results I suggest a course of treatments. People respond well with 6 to 8 treatments: weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the condition and goals.


Please note that I do not offer intimate massages.
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