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You can find here some tools that I use in my clinic, like cupping, ear seeds and something straight from America - Evil Bone Water, which is a translation from Chinese - traditional TCM formula Zheng Xie Gu Shui,to reduce pain and inflammation (external use only) which has received amazing reviews from my American acupuncture colleagues.

I have also created short hypnotherapy audio, to help you with sleep, relaxation and healing. Enjoy:)

Included in the ear seed kit:

- sealed 20pc 24k gold-plated ear seeds

- instructions, ear map to show you the point for anxiety, stress & sleep. As well as contraindications and precautions.


Japanese Gold Plated Ear Seeds with instructions

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  • Acupuncture without the needle! Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ear seeds are tiny beads placed on pressure points of the ear that send signals to the reflex centres of the brain to relax the nervous system.

    Each kit includes instructions, map, contraindications and precautions