Kate Kotlarska BSc (Hons) Lic.Ac., Dip Paed Ac, MAAC, HPD, DipCHyp, NLP Prac

I am a Holistic Therapist, practising Acupuncture treating children and adults.  I completed my courses at: the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading and Richdales Institute, and hold the Licentiate in Acupuncture and International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) certification. I am a member of  the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians , which guarantees excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct. I am also a member of the ACT  London (Acupuncture Childbirth team in London) which constantly educates their members on fertility, pregnancy and child birth support from the Chinese Medicine point of view.

I am fully insured to carry holistic treatments for children and adults and attends a regular supervision sessions.


I initially came to London in 2000 after completing my Masters Degree in Economy in Poland. I joined the Ealing Chiropractic Clinic team in 2002 as an office manager. I received numerous treatments from therapists at the clinic. I became inspired to study manual therapies myself. After completing a course in Holistic and Pregnancy Massage, I successfully graduated from  Acupuncture course at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading. To further help my patients and their families I have completed a two year Diploma Paediatric Acupuncture Course with Julian Scott, author of "The Treatment of Children with Chinese Medicine". The course included a practical "painless" needle technique and paediatric TCM theory. I have also attended a numerous lectures by Rebecca Avern which expanded my knowledge on the Five Elements characteristics that are expressed in children; as well as a Japanese Paediatric course with Stephen Birch, where I learned non insertive Japanese techniques (Shonishin), as well as Paediatric Tuina with Elisa Rossi, where I learned simple strokes that can be taught to parents to help their children.

I enjoy treating babies, children and teenagers and keep exploring more ways to help them feel their best. With adult patients I believe they can help themselves with sometimes small lifestyle changes like dietary changes, introducing /reducing exercises.  I like to think I give them tools to use outside of the clinic on a everyday basis to balance their bodies and minds and achieve wellbeing. I am a member of the Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture which brings togher trained paediatric practitioners and work towards improving our skills, it is run by Rebecca Avern.

Over the lockdowns I have benefited from taking some rescue remedy and have been recommending it to my patients. I have explored the idea of the flower remedies and decided to do a diploma course which has transformed my clinic as I can now address many emotional  imbalances. The feedback that I receive from my patients have been fantastic.

Some of the courses and events I attended to expand my knowledge:

  • May 2015 “A comprehensive guide to using Acupuncture in pregnancy labour and postpartum” 2 day seminar with Debra Betts

  • September 2015 “It takes two: Understanding Male & Female infertility “ with Jill Glover

  • November 2015  “Unravelling the Knots of Endometriosis and PCOS” with Jill Glover

  • February 2016 “Getting Better at CF” Seminar with Angela & John Hicks

  • February 2016 “Introduction to Tung Acupuncture” Seminar with Philip Weeks

  • February 2016 “Tung Acupuncture for some common conditions” Seminar with Philip Weeks

  • September 2016 British Acupuncture Conference: "Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in pregnancy and birth" by Claudia Citkovitz; "Acupuncture and post-traumatic stress disorder" Naji Malak; "Acupuncture for the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder" by Jonathan Pledger; "Laser acupuncture in paediatrics: a holistic approach to allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema and other conditions" by Michael Webber;" Scalp acupuncture from Eastern to Western" by Tianjun Wang

  • October 2016 “Using Five Elements to help Children Thrive “ with Rebecca Avern

  • June 2017 “Inner library of 5 Emotions” with Kim Chan and Sarah Matheson

  • August 2017 “The Nada protocol” 2 day seminar with Rachel Peckham, auricular acupuncture suggested for  Stress Management & Substance Misuse.

  • September 2017 “Cupping therapy in the treatment of Musculoskeletal Complains & Cosmetic Therapy” with Ilkay Chirali

  • September 2017 British Acupuncture Conference: "Exploring the seven internal and external dragons" by Sarah Matheson, "Using Chinese medicine during seven stages of cancer" by Andrew Flower; "Creative flow of the hand and needle" by Sarah Pritchard

  • September 2015- May 2017 Diploma course in Paediatric acupuncture with Julian Scott, Rebecca Avern  & Danny Blyth

  • January 2018 “Needling introduction” with Charlie Buck

  • January 2018 “Advanced needling techniques” with Charlie Buck

  • February 2018 First Aid Course with Alex Brazkiewicz

  • March 2018 Shonishin Paediatric 2 day course with Stephen Birch

  • May 2018 Paediatric Tuina 2 day course with Elisa Rossi

  • June 2018 Bloodletting 2 day course with Philip Weeks

  • September 2018 British Acupuncture Conference: "Causes, diagnosis and treatment of teenage anxiety and depression: an epidemic of our times" by Rebecca Avern;  "Supporting endometriosis and related conditions with acupuncture and TCM" by Dr Nuria Lorite Ayán; "The magical point combination for insomnia" by Amos Ziv

  • October 2018 2 day course "Practical Clinical Application of Moxa" with Snow Wang

  • May 2019 "Tongue Diagnosis" with Barbara Kirschbaum

  • June 2019 "Five Elements" with Nora Franglen

  • September 2019 British Acupuncture Conference "Five Elements" with Sarah Matheson, "Husband and Wife" with Peter Mole

  • January 2020 “Trigger Points and Beyond”, with Nicholas Garner

  • January 2020 "Tui na & Moxibustion for Menstrual & Fertility Issues" with Sarah Pritchard

  • February 2020 "Tuina" online course by Sarah Pritchard

  • March 2020 "The Relationship of the Bladder Channel and Intrinsic (Exercise-Induced) Asthma; and How to Treat It" by Janice Walton-Hadlock (1CPD)

  • March 2020 "Does a Kid's Sore Throat Always Mean Wind-Heat?" by David Allen (1CPD)

  • March 2020 "Strenghtening the body against viral infection" Orkiszowe Pola (2.5CPD)

  • April 2020 "Strengthening the Immune System with Chinese Medicine" by Yair Maimon (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Enhancing the Immune System with Acupuncture – Data from Scientific Research" by Bartosz Chmielnicki & Yair Maimo

  • April 2020 "The traditional diagnosis" by Neil Gumenic (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Your Immunity and Essential Oils with Classical Chinese Medicine" by Josephine Spilka (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "5 Studies that Will Make You Fall in Love with Chinese Medicine"

- research presented by Dr. Gil Barzilay PhD (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Supporting children" by Julian Scott (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Supporting teenagers during an extraordinary time" by Rebecca Avern (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Burnout" Letesia Gibson (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Facial Diagnosis To Support the Immune System" by Lillian Pearl Bridges

  • June 2020 "Treating Emotional Trauma and PTSD with Acupuncture by CT Holman (2 CPD)

  • June 2020 "TCM and the Teenage Years"  by Rebecca Avern (12 CPD)

  • June 2020 "Infection control - including basic personal protective equipment " BMJ (1CPD)

  • July 2020 "Reiki 1 attunementand instruction in he Usui system of natural healing " followed by 21 days of self practice with Reiki Master Teacher Sarah Pritchard

  • July 2020 "Everyday bliss" 21 day hypnotherapy course with Paul McKenna

  • November 2020 "Conference on COVID19- SARS-COV-2" with Prof.Claude Diolosa Guest Professor of Chengdu University

  • November 2020 "Immunity and TCM treatment" Dr.Yair Maimon

  • January 2021 "Bach Flower Diploma course" Rose Todd

  • June 2021 "Heavenly Moxibustion" Shay Sharabi (1.5 CPD)

  • July 2021 - May 2022 " Cognitive Hypnotherapy" Diploma course at The Quest Institute

  • June 2022 - Jan 2023 Master Practitioner

You can read & view videos explaining acupuncture on  Acupuncture Blog.

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