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Kate Kotlarska BSc (Hons) MBAcC Lic.Ac., Dip Paed Ac, ITEC Holistic  Massage

I am a Holistic Therapist, practising Integrated Acupuncture; Holistic & Pregnancy Massage. I completed my courses at: the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading and Richdales Institute, and hold the Licentiate in Acupuncture and International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) certification. I am a member of  the British Acupuncture Council and CTHA (Complementary Therapists Association), which guarantees excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct.

I am fully insured to carry holistic treatments.


I initially came to London in 2000 after completing my Masters Degree in Economy in Poland. I joined the Ealing Chiropractic Clinic team in 2002 as an office manager and started to investigate natural therapies. I had numerous treatments done by lovely therapists at the clinic. I became inspired to study manual therapies myself. After completing a course in Holistic and Pregnancy Massage, I successfully finished  Acupuncture course at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading.

As a mother, I am amazed to see the results that acupuncture treatments had on babies and children, and I decided to expand on my knowledge in that field. I have completed a two year Diploma Paediatric Acupuncture Course with Julian Scott, author of "The Treatment of Children with Chinese Medicine". The course included a practical painless needle technique and paediatric TCM theory. I have also attanded a numerous lectures by Rebecca Avern which expanded my knowledge on the Five Elements characteristics that are expressed in children. I have also completed a Japanese Paediatric course with Stephen Birch, where I learned non insertive Japanese techniques (Shonishin), as well as Paediatric Tuina with Elisa Rossi, where I learned simple strokes that can be taught to parents to help their children.

Some of the courses and events attended by Kate:

  • May 2015 “A comprehensive guide to using Acupuncture in pregnancy labour and postpartum” 2 day seminar with Debra Betts

  • September 2015 “It takes two: Understanding Male & Female infertility “ with Jill Glover

  • November 2015  “Unravelling the Knots of Endometriosis and PCOS” with Jill Glover

  • February 2016 “Getting Better at CF” Seminar with Angela & John Hicks

  • February 2016 “Introduction to Tung Acupuncture” Seminar with Philip Weeks

  • February 2016 “Tung Acupuncture for some common conditions” Seminar with Philip Weeks

  • September 2016 British Acupuncture Conference: "Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in pregnancy and birth" by Claudia Citkovitz; "Acupuncture and post-traumatic stress disorder" Naji Malak; "Acupuncture for the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder" by Jonathan Pledger; "Laser acupuncture in paediatrics: a holistic apporach to allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema and other conditions" by Michael Webber;" Scalp acupuncture from Eastern to Western" by Tianjun Wang

  • October 2016 “Using Five Elements to help Children Thrive “ with Rebecca Avern

  • June 2017 “Inner library of 5 Emotions” with Kim Chan and Sarah Matheson

  • August 2017 “The Nada protocol” 2 day seminar with Rachel Peckham, auricular acupuncture suggested for  Stress Management & Substance Misuse.

  • September 2017 “Cupping therapy in the treatment of Musculoskeletal Complains & Cosmetic Therapy” with Ilkay Chirali

  • September 2017 British Acupuncture Conference: "Exploring the seven internal and external dragons" by Sarah Matheson, "Using Chinese medicine during seven stages of cancer" by Andrew Flower; "Creative flow of the hand and needle" by Sarh Pritchard

  • September 2015- May 2017 Diploma course in Paediatric acupuncture with Julian Scott, Rebecca Avern  & Danny Blyth

  • January 2018 “Needling introduction” with Charlie Buck

  • January 2018 “Advanced needling techniques” with Charlie Buck

  • February 2018 First Aid Course with Alex Brazkiewicz

  • March 2018 Shonishin Paediatric 2 day course with Stephen Birch

  • May 2018 Paediatric Tuina 2 day course with Elisa Rossi

  • June 2018 Bloodletting 2 day course with Philip Weeks

  • September 2018 British Acupuncture Conference: "Causes, diagnosis and treatment of teenage anxiety and depression: an epidemic of our times" by Rebecca Avern;  "Supporting endometriosis and related conditions with acupuncture and TCM" by Dr Nuria Lorite Ayán; "The magical point combination for insomnia" by Amos Ziv

  • October 2018 2 day course "Practical Clinical Application of Moxa" with Snow Wang

  • May 2019 "Tongue Diagnosis" with Barbara Kirschbaum

  • June 2019 "Five Elements" with Nora Franglen

  • Septemeber 2019 British Acupuncture Conference "Five Elements" with Sarah Matheson, "Husband and Wife" with Peter Mole

  • January 2020 “Trigger Points and Beyond”, with Nicholas Garner

  • January 2020 "Tui na & Moxibustion for Menstrual & Fertility Issues" with Sarah Pritchard

  • February 2020 "Tuina" online course Sarah Pritchard

  • March 2020 "TCM and the Teenage Years"  with Rebecca Avern (12 CPD)

  • March 2020 "The Relationship of the Bladder Channel and Intrinsic (Exercise-Induced) Asthma; and How to Treat It" with Janice Walton-Hadlock (1CPD)

  • March 2020 "Does a Kid's Sore Throat Always Mean Wind-Heat?" with David Allen (1CPD)

  • March 2020 "Strenghtening the body against viral infection" Orkiszowe Pola (2.5CPD)

  • April 2020 "Strengthening the Immune System with Chinese Medicine" Yair Maimon (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Enhancing the Immune System with Acupuncture – Data from Scientific Research" with Bartosz Chmielnicki & Yair Maimo

- iteresting research data presented by Bartosz confirming efficiacy of acupuncture to improve immunity: Acupuncture regulates leukocyte subpopulations in human peripheral blood. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20709154; Acupuncture is effective to attenuate stress and stimulate lymphocyte proliferation in the elderly https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2176150/; Effect of Acupuncture Treatment on the Immune Function Impairment Found in Anxious Women https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/112e/8dbc8338c4dea82a2520bb01dd96799fb98a.pdf; The role of acupoint stimulation as an adjunct therapy for lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis https://bmccomplementmedtherapies.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1472-6882-13-362;Electroacupuncture at Bilateral Zusanli Points (ST36) Protects Intestinal Mucosal Immune Barrier in Sepsis https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2015/639412/

  • April 2020 "The traditional diagnosis" with Neil Gumenic (1CPD)

  • April 2020 "Your Immunity and Essential Oils with Classical Chinese Medicine" with Josephine Spilka (1CPD)

You can read & view videos explaining acupuncture on  Acupuncture Blog.


I’ve had lots of acupuncture over many years. Some more effective than others. Kate Kotlarska left no stone unturned in finding out about my entire health, physical, mental and emotional. And she then set about working on the key issues whilst also giving me ideas to help with nutrition and lifestyle. The acupuncture itself was fantastic - I could feel it working deeply on me, giving my body the immediate rest it needed to begin healing. Feeling huge gratitude.

Toby P.

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Tel: 07899737421