COVID-19 Pre appointment screening check list and disclaimer

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Adult  acupuncture form

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Paediatric acupuncture form

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Bach Flower consultation form

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy forms

Please download the Contract  (for adult patient) & Consent (if you are below 18 yo) forms (those are in PDF)

Here is the Contract  (for adult patient) & Consent (if you are below 18 yo) editable in Word;  fill it in and return before for your appointment.

Also I am trying a new system: jot form, you could fill in the Contract online and submit it online.

Additional monitoring forms

Please download and fill in this form (GAD-7, PHQ-9 &SWEMWBS) in Word or PDF to assess and monitor mental health.

To assess your Representational Preference System please fill this form in Word or PDF.

You can also check the strenghts of your character on this website




As a part of lifestyle advice I often suggest Pilates or Yoga to my patients.

I have been attending Pilates classess with Michelle Kyles since 2018 and I can recommend her approach. You could contact her through her Facebook page


I also had a pleasure of attending Katja Heger for the fusion of Pilates and Yoga, she runs classes in Ealing. Her classess are well structured and she is very good adjusting individual postures. Katja runs pregnancy classess, beginners and advanced sessions. For more information please visit her website or if you would like to see some of Katja's exercises on her youtube channel.

If you are looking for an online resources then Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start. She has a number of classess and meditation sessions available for free on her channel.



For Chinese Herbal Medicine I would highly recommend a fantastic teacher and principal of The White Crane Academy, Andrew Flower.

He has gathered qualified volunteers and in cooperation with Balance Healthcare runs a charity project to support the keyworkers with Chinese Herbal Medicine. The project is called Jade Screen Project and offers a free  preventative support to front line workers. The herbal mixture comes in little sachets so you only need to add hot water and drink it, there is no need to boil the herbs.

Oils & ointments

 I have been using Weleda products for a very long time but recently  have been very happy with Arnica Oil for the musculosceletal complaints. In general I would have Arnica in any form (pills, oils, gells, etc) in your first aid kit. I also have been using Arnica spray if there is a chance of bruising after acupuncture and most of the time it stops the bruising in front of our eyes.


Research data presented by Dr. Gil Barzilay Ph.D Dipl.CM (I.A.TCM, ETCMA) at a webinar in April 2020

  • Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Update of an Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. Andrew J. Vickers, PhD, Emily A. Vertosick, MPH, George Lewith, MD, Hugh MacPherson, PhD, Nadine E. Foster, DPhil, Karen J. Sherman, PhD, Dominik Irnich, MD, Claudia M. Witt, MD, and Klaus Linde, MD, on behalf of the Acupuncture Trialists’Collaboration 2018 May Results: Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal, headache, and osteoarthritis pain. Treatment effects of acupuncture persist over time and cannot be explained solely in terms of placebo effects. Referral for a course of acupuncture treatment is a reasonable option for a patient with chronic pain.

Research data presented by Dr Bartosz Chmielnicki MD at a webinar in April 2020 confirming efficiacy of acupuncture to improve immunity: 

Research into Laser treatment

- Laser acupuncture in children with headache

Dr. Sven Gottschling from the University Children’s Hospital, Saarland University, Hamburg, Germany and a group of other European medical researchers teamed up to investigate the efficacy of low level laser acupuncture therapy treating children with migraines or tension headaches. They compared an active laser treatment to a placebo laser treatment in 43 children. This was a controlled, high quality study with randomization and double-blinding.

The average number of headaches per month decreased significantly more in the real laser acupuncture group (decrease of 6.4 days) than in the placebo group (decrease of 1.0 day). Headache severity and monthly hours with headache significantly decreased as well for the real laser acupuncture group compared to the placebo treatment.

The researchers concluded that low level infrared laser acupuncture can provide a significant benefit for children with headache or migraines.

- Laser Acupuncture Therapy for Primary Monosymptomatic Nocturnal Enuresis

Laser acupuncture therapy, a noninvasive, painless, short-term therapy with a low cost, can be considered as an alternative therapy for patients with primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis.

- Therapeutic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of laser acupuncture on patients with rheumatoid arthritis

This study results confirmed the effectiveness of laser acupuncture in alleviating oxidative stress and inflammation, improving antioxidant and energy metabolic status, while also suppressing the disease activity in RA patients. Laser acupuncture is a promising treatment modality to reduce the pain and suffering of RA patients because of its efficiency in inhibiting most of the main factors involved in the pathogenesis of this disease.