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Moxibustion as a tonic for the body

Moxibustion involves the use of the heat generated by the smouldering herb Artemesia Vulgaris (mugwort) to stimulate specific areas on the body, usually acupuncture points.

The probably most known acupuncture point: Stomach 36 has been renowned for using indirect moxibustion to improve longevity and preventing illness.

Stomach 36 is also known as Zu San Li or “Three Leg Miles” has the traditional indications of harmonising the stomach, increases the Qi and Blood and calming the spirit. It has been used to increase endurance, builds up stamina or energy, improves digestion and stimulates the immune system. There is the notion within some schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine that building the “Earth” of an individual is the root or core to start regaining health in all other systems of the body. Recent clinical research has shown that stimulating Stomach 36 with moxa increases the production of white blood cells which aids in immunity and also oxygen uptake which improves recovery time from diseases. (

Here is a simple yet comprehensive guide to how to find a point and use it at home:

Download PDF • 1.98MB

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