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Happy New Year everyone!

With this time of the year there could be some New Year resolutions in place, which we hope to stick to and achieve by certain time. When talking to new patients in the clinic I often get asked how long is it going to take to get better or to see the required results. The answer cannot be precise as the progress always depend on many different factors like the severity of the issue, the length the patient struggled with it, their diet, exercise regime, their relaxation ability, etc. Those being just the most basic factors, but we cannot disconnect from the environment so we mustn't forget about the weather impact, our homes, our emotional state or extra stressors. If we take all into consideration, we can be more realistic about the possible time frame for change. That also applies to learning new things, achieving personal goals. It is important to reflect on where we are now and what we do well and what isn't going too good at the moment, what specifically we want different. I would also say being gentle with ourselves as learning new things takes courage and makes us vulnerable to mistakes which are the part of learning. The below picture beautifully demonstrates what we think is possible and what actually needs to happen.

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My first response to a cold is always guasha as that is the easiest “dispersing” therapy that can be easily done at home using a any cooking/massage oil that we may have and a metal spoon with smooth


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